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Heart and Stethoscope

Nutrition and Hydration Associates was established in May 2016 and delivers a consultancy and advice service to assist organisations and individuals in service development to support the provision of nutrition and hydration in health and social care settings.

We are the first national consultancy team to combine the skills and knowledge of both a catering and clinical perspective bringing experience of the provision of nutrition and hydration from service development, service delivery and patient safety. Nutrition and Hydration Associates have exclusive experience from the NHS, social care and the private sector and are individually and collectively recognised as sector leaders in their fields.

It is our mission to reduce risks and to improve both the quality of care and life of patient and services users by creating a high quality consultancy service for the NHS, social care and independent providers. By bringing together the leading minds in nutrition and hydration care we want to support the care sector, to remove confusion and promote best practice.

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